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When it comes to establishing a perception of high value, image is critical. We are the architects of fast growing and emerging brands. Our logo and collateral design process results in a corporate identity that resonates with your ideal customers, helps drive sales and improves the market position of your business.


From direct mail to information packets or wall murals to vehicle wraps, print is still a powerful force in business promotion. Let us become your go-to resource for managing the execution and delivery of your most visible print collateral.


A website’s design will make a visitor decide to stay, take action or leave; it’s as simple as that. A website has to look good and communicate well but not sacrifice usability. A Good Squire website combines form and function to influence visitors to interact with more of the pages on your site to convert visitors into leads.


Mobile users who research on their smartphone typically do so because they are in immediate need of a product or service. Mobile responsive websites and stand-alone mobile websites are cost effective tools to make a winning impression on urgent buyers.

SEO & Internet Marketing

The factors in search engine optimization (SEO) that determine page rank on the web constantly evolve. It requires a strategy in line with the position and message of your brand. It also requires help from people with specialized skills. We make getting found easy and assure your site ranks well when ideal customers are searching.


Many small and mid-sized companies struggle with leveraging social media as an effective component of their marketing plan. We provide proven processes and advanced social media support so you can improve engagement with customers.

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Who Are We?

Good Squire Marketing is a group of results-driven problems solvers specializing in branding and digital marketing. We use our understanding of brand architecture, graphic design and web based technology to connect our clients with their ideal customers, create efficiencies and save cost wherever possible.

“One size fits all” marketing systems and template websites rarely live up to their promises. Each business has their own unique set of goals, their own challenges, their own culture and their own customer buying habits to consider. Our process is focused on helping you stand out from your competitors and making marketing fulfillment easier at every touchpoint. We are confident our process will work for you because our solutions are custom made for you and we stay by your side to help see things through.

Marketing For Dental & Health Practices

Choosing to work with an outside agency is not a negative indication of your capability as a doctor OR a business person. Choosing to work with Good Squire Marketing will free your schedule to see more patients or reclaim personal time during the week. By working with us you will have a partner "on the ground", committed to differentiating your practice from the other talented doctors in your market.

Marketing For Veterinary Hospitals

The task of owning and managing a successful veterinary practice has become far more complex over the last decade and it requires more management and business knowledge than ever before. These are traditionally not skills in which veterinarians excel. It is human nature to do what we like to do and that which we are good at first. Good Squire Marketing can combine marketing know how and accountability to help you take your veterinary practice to the next level.

Marketing For Hi-Tech & Medical Device Manufacturers

You have a highly specialized business with specialized buyers. You have regulations to comply with and cost management is critical to your success. Our manufacturers are focused on running a lean and efficient business. They don’t typically have the time to check on what the competition is doing or proactively nurture lead generation processes. Good Squire Marketing provides manufacturers with the means to execute a marketing strategy without the cost of hiring an inside team.

Connecting With The Ideal Client

Every business should be intensely focused on knowing and attracting their ideal customers, but not every business person knows how to do this. Finding and connecting our clients with their ideal customer is at the core of everything we do at Good Squire. But who exactly makes an ideal client for us? Who do we work best with? Where can we provide the best value?

Our ideal client is a small business owner, a practice manager or marketing director. Most of our clients have been in business for 5 years and currently employ between 5-20 people. Our ideal clients have an annual marketing budget and want to maximize its effectiveness .

Our ideal customers often reach out to us because they realize they need to put greater emphasis on their website. Our clients are overwhelmed by managing and coordinating with dozens of vendors. Often, our ideal clients realize they have outgrown their vendors or sometimes their vendors are much larger companies and the service relationship is no longer a good fit. If this sounds like you, don’t waste a second feeling bad about it., contact us. We might be a perfect fit and accomplish great things together!